ISCA 2022 International Scientific Conference on Albinism, Nov. 16-19.

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The Global Albinism Alliance and its Scientific Advisory Committee are pleased to announce the 2022 International Scientific Conference on Albinism – ISCA 2022 – that will be held online November 16th–19th 2022.

This conference was conceived as a continuation of the conference series started by the EDA (European Days of Albinism), whose last event was held in November 2020.

The ISCA conference series is a unique international scientific conference gathering participants from all over the world, including researchers, health care providers, students, and albinism organization leaders, all sharing the same interest: to improve the health of those with albinism.

During the four-day event, numerous albinism experts will address the many health concerns of persons with albinism. This includes dermatology, ophthalmology, genetics, therapies, syndromic forms of albinism and more, contributing to a rich and educational event.

A pre-program will be published in mid-Summer. Registration is expected to open at the same time.

Global Albinism Alliance Scientific Advisory Committee Members
Lluis Montoliu (CNB-CSIC and CIBERER-ISCIII, Madrid, Spain) –Chair
Maria Mies van Genderen (Bartimeus, Diagnostic Centre for Rare Visual Disorders, Zeist, The Netherlands) – Vice-Chair
Benoit Arveiler (CHU, Bordeaux, France)
Brian Brooks (National Eye Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA)
Irene Gottlob (Cooper University Health Care, Philadelphia, USA)
Karen Gronskov (Kennedy Center, Clinical Genetics, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Michael Hoffmann (University Eye Clinic, Magdeburg, Germany)
Barbara Kaesmann-Kellner (University Eye Clinic, Homburg, Germany)
Michael Marks (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and UPENN, Philadelphia, PA, USA)
Fanny Morice-Picard (CHU, Bordeaux, France)
Bernadette Gochuico (Medical Genetics Branch, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA)
Mathieu Fiore (CHU, Bordeaux, France)
Joseph  Carroll (Medical College of Wisconsin; Milwaukee, WI, USA)
Carolina Reato Marçon (Santa Casa de São Paulo Hospital, Brazil)
Alexandra Rebsam (Institut de la Vision, Paris, France)
Mervyn Thomas (University of Leicester Ulverscroft Eye Unit, Leicester, UK)