What We Do

Member Support

  • Facilitate knowledge and skill development of albinism groups worldwide
  • Facilitate collaboration among albinism groups and other stakeholders working on albinism
  • Facilitate the exchange of information and best practices among albinism organizations
  • Promote the work and amplify the voices of albinism groups around the world

Advocacy & Education

  • Represent and advocate for the albinism community at the global level
  • Develop and implement programs of public awareness and education on albinism

Research & Information Dissemination

  • Conduct and promote research on albinism and human rights, health and social sciences
  • Promote and spread accurate information on albinism worldwide
  • Build and manage a comprehensive database of reliable and accurate information on albinism

Current Activities

The Pilot Team is busy building the infrastructure for the GAA. Full registration is expected in the 4th quarter of 2022. Following a period of recruiting members, a board will be elected at a first Annual General Meeting late in 2022 or early 2023.

The GAA is working on these events and programs in 2022.

  • Online Worldwide Survey report presentations
  • Live Chats with UN Independent Expert on albinism
  • Pilot Assessment Report Presentations
  • Virtual meeting of Paris Meeting delegates to discuss this report
  • Online Celebration of IAAD 2022 in June
  • Virtual International Albinism Scientific Conference in November

Join the Alliance

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